| June 29, 2011

ANALYSIS: -CHILE,Offshore O.HIGGINS-5.6R..on 29.June.. It was forecast in Post “WORLD” dtd 22.June/at the bottom of Post/ ——————————————– ***Now I have to make an IMPORTANT Addition to the leading Forecast in Post “WORLD” dtd. 29.MAY copied and Reminded in Posts 16.June and 20-th JUNE Despite the high in M.tremors/ 6.0R.-6.5R../that have taken place in the region […]


| June 26, 2011

ANALYSIS:26 JUNE-NEAR N. COAST of PAPUA NEW GUINEA,INDONESIA-6.4R.. The strong earthquake has taken place as forecast in POST-16.JUNE/at the beginnining of Post/ and Reminded in Post “WORLD” dtd 20 JUNE published at 11:10. Strong earthquakes have become something of a ROUTINE since December,2010,so are my indications preceding them.I will be moving on with NEW Posts […]


| June 26, 2011

-На 25.Юни е имало поредното от 3.0Р.слабо земетресение в района на Ю.И.България и БЪЛГАРО-ТУРСКА граница. — КОПИРАМ тук долу отново Поста в който са прогнозите от преди няколкото труса на 24.Юни/виж предходен Пост БЪЛГАРИЯ/ в Ю.И.БЪЛГРИЯ,Тополовград, в близост на БЪЛГАРО-ТУРСКА граница за да мога да пусна НОВ ПОСТ,без този да излезе от колонката на RECENT […]

25.June-5-10.July,STILL VALID-WORLD+/JAPAN and Region,Forecast below/..

| June 25, 2011

ANALYSIS 24-25 JUNE:The high in Magnitude earthquakes listed below have taken place as forecast in this Blog.: — -FOX ISLANDS-7.2R..North Pacific,between Kamchatka and Alaska as indicated in Forecast in POST “WORLD” dtd. 22.June.MAGNITUDE and date are correct,too. -SANTA CRUZ ISL.-6.0R.6.2.R.,South West Pacific,between PAPUA NEW GUINEA/P.N.G./ and FIJI as forecast in Post “WORLD” dtd. 29.May and […]


| June 23, 2011

Strong earthquakes have became something of a routine,so are my indications preceding them.I will be moving on with new forecasts and opening new Posts every day now.In order to be informed ,please search back for the region and state that interests you. *REMINDER of Post “BULGARIA-Greece-Turkey-Romania” dated 17-22-24 JUNE Forecasts in the m.a. Post are […]

22-30.June-5.July-WORLD+New forecast

| June 22, 2011

NEW strong/not over 6R.-6.5R./ seismic activity in the region of Iran,Afghanistan,Pakistan and bordering area with neighboring states-E.Turkey,Iraq.Also N.E. from Afghanistan and Iran.. TIME period between: 22-26-30 June and 2.July…and not later than 22-nd July.. Several tremors in the area mentioned above with M. around :4.5-5R.will occur. One could be with a lARGER M.-5.5-6R..Indications are for


| June 20, 2011

ANALYSIS: -CHILE,Antofagasta-6.5R..This is it.The forecast is in Post “WORLD” dtd.8-th JUNE and updated four days ago in Post “WORLD” under IMPORTANT /16.JUNE/. ————–A copy of the forecast that is to be found in Post “WORLD” dtd 8.JUNE:. “*Not underestimating the other areas with strong seismic activity indicated in Post dtd.29.May I want to specify .. […]


| June 20, 2011

***A REMINDER of Forecast for S.E. ASIA,Indonesia and close,S.W.Pacific/see Post “WORLD”dated 16.JUNE and the copied FORECAST from 29.MAY/ Despite the high in Magnitude tremors that have already taken place in the region according to forecast there is a large probability that at least one more strong or very strong in M. tremor is on it’s […]

17-22-24.JUNE-БЪЛГАРИЯ и в близост-Greece/Гърция-Turkey/Турция-Romania

| June 17, 2011

**НОВО слабо сеизмично напрежение за България и в непосредствена погранична близост. -ПЕРИОД на сбъдваемост:17-18-19-21 и не по-късно от 29.ЮНИ /въпросните 11-12 дни/ -РАЙОНИ:-В близост на БЪЛГАРО-ТУРСКА/Ю.И.България/;българо-гръцка и българо-македонска граница или /югозападна България/.Не пропускаме и ЦЕНТРАЛНА-западна България..Епицентърът не е в София. -REGION-S.E. Bulgaria, the region close to Bulgarian-Turkish border and S.W.Bulgaria,the region close to Bulgarian-Greek border.Also […]


| June 16, 2011

The earthquake below has taken place as forecast in Post “WORLD” dtd. 29.May/copied again in this Post for it is not contained in the last 10 Recent,Posts that can be monitored easily./. Also REMINDED several times in almost all recent Posts “WORLD” between 1-13,14June.. I suspected a higher in Magnitude tremor as indicated in forecast, […]