| July 31, 2011

16:57 UTC Продължават да индикират: -Югозападна граница,до Македонска граница М.-слабо,до около 3.5Р.-4Р..Не по-силно от 4.5Р ако е на наша територия..Не мога да определя дали ще е в Македония/Сърбия или у нас. — -Под границата ни с Турция-Гърция е имало слабо земетресение с Магнитуд 2.8Р..на 31.Август в 20:15 /наше време/..Прогнозата е в Постове с дата 22-ри […]

31.July-1-7-22.August-WORLD–S.W.PACIFIC..6.2R.;NEW GUINEA,P.N.G..6.7R..;JAPAN,S.COAST of HONSHU..6.0R.

| July 31, 2011

**REMINDER of FORECAST that are STILL VALID:31.July;1-7.AUGUST:. -C.America/between Peru and Mexico,GULF of California-Forecast-in Post “WORLD”dtd 26.JULY *** S.AMERIA/S.PERU,ARGENTINA,CHILE/ ..M.around 6.5R-6.7R…A very strong/ MAJOR/ and GREAT Earthquake is not probable. T.P.-1-8 UYGUST -FORECATS in Posts “WORLD” dtd.27-th/TURKEY 1-5 AUGUST/;28-th/S.GREECE/;29-th;30-th JULY are STILL VALID as well,although time period of some is untill 30.JULY. *I will add Pacific […]


| July 30, 2011

20:33 UTC ANALYSIS:THE STRONG Earthquake took place as FORECAST in -POST “WORLD” dtd 25.JULY/at the very top of the Post/..REMINDED in Posts 26-th JULY/at the bottom of Post in “REMINDER”/ and last reminded in Post “WORLD” dtd 29.JULY. -JAPAN,NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU-6.4R..on 30.July.. FORECAST STILL VALID 30-31.JULY;3.AUGUST ————————— Regrettably,MODERATE and STRONG Earthquakes have become […]

-30,31.July-1-8-22-27.August-New Forecasts-

| July 30, 2011

15:56 UTC -Region of IRAN,Pakistan,Afghanistan- M.-5.6R. and not >6.3R..A MAJOR eartquake in the Region is NOT probable. Time Period-31.JULY-8.AUGUST.. ——– A state close to the Region of W.Caspian Sea and E.Black Sea/Russia,Georgia,N.E.Turkey/ M.-around 4.8R.-5.3R. Time period-30-31.JULY;4-12.August.


| July 30, 2011

09:24 UTC ANALYSiS/АНАЛИЗ: -N.part of Southern GREECE-4.R..on 29.July ..Forecast of this light Earthquake is in Posts-“WORLD-GREECE” dtd.28.July *Forecast SILL VALID 1-5,6 AUGUST АНАЛИЗ: -БЪЛГАРИЯ,Кресна,Благоевградско-2.Р..на 29-ти Юли.. Прогнозата е в Постове с дата 22-ри и 25-ти ЮЛИ,КОЯТО ОСТАВА АКТУАЛНА.ЮГОЗАПАДНА /ЮГОИЗТОЧНА България в района на границата ни..По-слаби-до 3.5Р. и НЕ по-силно от 4.0Р.-4.5Р.. ..ДАТИТЕ- актуализирани в Пост […]


| July 29, 2011

09:34 UTC ANALYSIS: The moderate earthquakes listed below have taken place in accordance to Forecast in this Blog -JAPAN,OFF N.E. COAST OF HONSHU-5.4R..on 28.July..FORECAST-in Posts “WORLD”dtd 25.JULY.;REMINDER -in Post “WORLD” dtd 26.JULY **FORECAST is STILL VALID -CENTRAL ALASKA-5.2R..on 28.July.. Forecast in Post “WORLD”dtd 26.July **In the REGION of N.PACIFIC ,ALASKA… … at least one more […]


| July 28, 2011

ANALYSIS: -The earthquake of M. 4.4R. in the Northern area Southern GREECE was Forecast in this Blog-Posts “WORLD” dtd 22-nd JULY.Initial Forecasts/Reminders-19-th July. **UPDATE of Forecast of S.W.GREECE,IONIAN Sea,S. Aegean Sea,Region of CREETE.. There are to be more tremors in the Region with..Magnitude of around 4.5R.-5R.. Time Period-28-31 July-1 August and not later than 5 […]


| July 27, 2011

IMPORTANT ADDITION to Forecasts in Posts “WORLD” dtd 22-nd,25-th and 26-th July. Despite the moderate tremors that have already taken place in N.W.TURKEY-5R. and S.W.TURKEY-4.8R.in accordance to Forecasts published in this Blog in Posts mentioned here above MORE such or a little higher in M. tremors will take place: S.WESTERN near to Aegean Coast and […]

-26-31.July-WORLD-N.W.Turkey..5.0R..;W.Turkey-4.8R…/-Gulf of California..6.0R../-Japan/Forecast-

| July 26, 2011

ANALISIS: The moderate earthquakes in -N.W.TURKEY,Marmara Sea-5.0R…on 25.July and..Region.Magnitude and date are correct.. -NORTHEASTERN IRAN-5.0R..on 26.July….. have occurred as FORECAST in this Blog. Forecast of N.W.TURKEY is published in Posts dtd 13-th ;22-nd JULY.. REMINDED in Posts dtd 19-th July and 25-th JULY under N.ITALY/yesterday,few hours before the actual earthquake took place/ ***Still indicates M.4.5 […]

-25.29.July-WORLD-JAPAN 6.3R..-БЪЛГАРИЯ-

| July 25, 2011

ANALYSIS: The second strong earthquake in Japan has also taken place as Forecast in this Blog. -JAPAN,near COAST of N.E.HONSHU-6.3R..on 24.July..Forecast in previous Post dtd 22.JULY.. **UPPDATE:Between 25-27-28 July in the same Region of JAPAN,N.E.COAST of HONSHU, one more earthquake of around 6.4-6.9R.or over is highly probable to take place. ———————————————————————– ***FOR FORECASTS of states/Regions […]