| September 30, 2011

ANALYSIS:-Eastern Turkey-4.5R..on 30.September.. Forecast of the Region of EASTERN,Central TURKEY can be found in many RECENT POSTS “WORLD” dtd 7-th,11-th,13-th and 22-nd September/in “quote”/.. *The Region of C. and E.Turkey indicates still but not for a M. higher than initial FORECAST in the above mentioned POSTS.. Pls. REFER to Post dtd 22.Sept..One more tremor in […]


| September 29, 2011

АНАЛИЗ: -Симитли,БЛАГОЕВГРАДСКО,88км.Ю.от София-3.0Р..на 28.09.2011 Прогноза в ДВАТА Поста -БЪЛГАРИЯ-Румъния/Полша – от 11.Септ..,като на 27.Септ.. в 20:07 бълг.вр. публикувах в ЗАГЛАВИЕТО на предходен Пост ,че прогнозата в Постове с дата 11.Септ..е АКТУАЛНА -28-30.09.2011 — АНАЛИЗ/ANALYSIS:28-29.09.2011 Forecast -in both Posts “Bulgaria-Romania-Poland” dtd 11 September POLAND -2.5R.and 3.0Р..on 28.09.2011 ROMANIA-2.3R..on 28.09.2011 POLAND-3.3R..on 29.09.2011 ROMANIA-2.5R..on 29.09.2011 ROMANIA-2.8R..on 29.09.2011 ROMANIA-2.5R..on […]

25-27-30.Sept.;1-6-7-9-10.Oct.-WORLD – /Crete,Greece-5.3R.:/Forecast-Post dtd 15.Sept.//../За БЪЛГАРИЯ.,Румъния/Полша или в близост-Постове 11.Септ.-Актуални 28-30.09.2011

| September 25, 2011

ANALYSIS: The listed light and moderate earthquakes below were Forecast in Latest Posts in this Blog. -MONTENEGRO-4.5R..The earthquake in the Reg. of ADRIATIC Sea ,Albania or a state close in the Region was forecast in Post WORLD dtd 30-31.AUG.. Magnitude and Region-correct.The Forecasts in the Post were updated as a date in Posts 1-11 Sept.. […]

-БЪЛГАРИЯ / BULGARIA – Romania/Poland

| September 23, 2011

АНАЛИЗ: Станалите слаби земетресения на територията на БЪЛГАРИЯ за периода 18-ти-20-ти-21-ви-22-ри-23-ти-24-ти СЕПТЕМВРИ са общо седем. Можете да ги видите в Сайта на ГФИ/линк,долу,ляво/ —— АНАЛИЗ: – 3.9Р..в Полша на 23-ти Септ.. —– Прогнозите са в Постове с дати 11-ти и 15-ти СЕПТ..

22-27-29.Sept.-N.Е.TURKEY..5.6R..on 22.SEPTEMBER..

| September 22, 2011

THIS MODERATE/5.6R./ EARTHQUAKE IN E.TURKEY on 22.SEPTEMBER WAS FORECAST IN POST “WORLD” dtd 11-14-23.SEPT./published at 18:56 East European Time Zone/corresponding to 15:56 UTC/. Here below I am quoting this FORECAST again and it can be found in the above mentioned Post: MAGNITUDE,TIME PERIOD,REGION -EXACT TОВА УМЕРЕНО ЗЕМЕТРЕСЕНИЕ в Североизточна ТУРЦИЯ-5.6Р..на 22.Септември БЕ ПРОГНОЗИРАНО В ПОСТ […]

16-17-30.Sept.;1-4.Oct.-WORLD+Analysis-/ Reg.of FIJI – 7.3R../ /JAPAN -6.6R…/below+New Forecast//

| September 16, 2011

ANALYSIS:WITH THIS LAST, MAJOR EARTHQUAKE IN THE S.W.PACIFIC/REGION OF FIJI-7.3R.,on 15.Aug.,at 19:31 UTC.THE FORECAST of THE REGION IN POST “WORLD” dtd 30-31.AUGUST IS FULFILLED:If there are some NEW seismic indications for a STRONG/MAJOR seismic activity in the time period of 17-21.SEPT., I will POST a “NEW FORECAST”. INITIAL FORECAST: in Post “WORLD”dtd 30-31.AUGUST LAST REMINDED: […]

15-17-27.Sept.-БЪЛГАРИЯ / BULGARIA -РУМЪНИЯ /ROMANIA/Poland – S.GREECE,Reg.of Crete

| September 15, 2011

16:34 UTC АНАЛИЗ/ANALYSIS -БЛАГОЕВГРАД,Симитли,92км Ю.от София-2.8Р.. ПРОГНОЗАТА в двата Поста от 11.СЕПТ. за БЪЛГАРИЯ и РУМЪНИЯ ОСТАВАТ актуални в ДАТИ,райони и Магнитуд. -BLAGOEVGRAD,S.W.BULGARIA,-2.8R..on 15.09.11 at 10:25 UTC/13:25 local time Forecast in Posts “-BULGARIA/…/”- dtd 11.SEPT../published 23:23 local time/20:23 UTC and 11.SEPT./19:52 local time/16:52 UTC THE FORECAST OF ALL THE SEISMIC PARAMETRES contained in a.m. Posts […]

15-18-23.Sept.-WORLD+ANALYSIS-JAPAN,E.HONSHU..6.2R../Forecast in P.- dtd.22.Aug./…/CUBA Reg.,CARIBBEAN Sea-5.4R../Forecast in P.- dtd 31.Aug/

| September 15, 2011

/Seismic data-USGS-USA,Denver/Neir/ ANALYSIS:THE STRONG EARTHQUAKE in JAPAN,NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU-6.2R..has taken place as FORECAST in this Blog- INITIALLY-in Post “WORLD”dtd 22.AUGUST/ beggining of Post/ REMINDED many times later in Posts-“WORLD” dtd.25.AUGUST and more RECENTLY in:”WORLD”-dtd 5-th;10-th and 13-th SEPT.. *FORECAST IS STILL VALID 15-16-17.SEPT.. Pls. REFER to it in Post “WORLD”dtd.22.AUG..for M.could be HIGHER-6.7R.-7.0R.. […]

14-22.Sept.-WORLD-CHILE..5.8R..Forecast in Post "WORLD"dtd 13.Sept./07:56 local Bulg.time/Top of Post/-

| September 14, 2011

ANALYSIS: CHILE,OFFSHORE VALPARAISO-5.8R.. FORECAST in Post “WORLD”dtd 13-th SEPT.. /published at 07:56 local Bulg.time=04:56 UTC-/at the very top of the Post/ . ..REGION,DATE,MAGN..-correct..Because,initial seismic indications were FOR a higher M..I do not exclude more high in M..tremors in the Region.. Pls.,REFER to FORECAST in Post dtd 13.SEPT..


| September 13, 2011

ANALYSIS:With these last eaarthquakes of 4.9R..on /14.09.11/ ..in SOUTHERN GREECE and the earthquake from last night /13.09.11../-REG..of CRETE,GREECE-5.0R../corrected from emsc from 4.7R./ as well as the 4.5R.and 4.4R. in DODECANESE Isl..on 10.Sept../located in S.Aegean Sea,between CRETE and close to S.W.Coast of TURKEY/ … the INITAL FORECAST in Post “WORLD-“dtd 22.AUGUST in “NEW FORECAST”-“S.GREECE;C.GREECE;Reg of CRETE;S.Aegean […]