– Washington’s Fifth Columns Inside Russia and China – Written by Paul Craig Roberts – Monday August 3, 2015 – Reprinted with author’s permission from his website. – ВЪПРОСЪТ Е ЗАЩО ТАКЪВ ДОКАЗАН ПОЛИТИЧЕСКИ АВТОРИТЕТ , КАТО Д-Р ПОЛ КРЕЙГ РОБЪРТС – БАЩА НА УСПЕШНАТА “РЕЙГЪНОМИКА”+ЗАМ МИНИСТЪР НА ФИНАНСИТЕ ПО ВЪПРОСИТЕ НА ИКОНОМИЧЕСКАТА ПОЛИТИКА , СИ ПРАВИ ТРУДА ДА РАЗОБЛИЧАВА СЕГАШНАТА ПОЛИТИКА НА ВАШИНГТОН – от БУШ – до днес …ОТГОВОРЪТ Е ПРОСТ И МНОГО СТРАШЕН…ЧЕТЕТЕ…”…We Americans need to be humble, not arrogant. We need to acknowledge that American living standards, except for the favored One Percent, are in long-term decline and have been for two decades. “

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Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and My Lai Were All War Crimes
On the 70th anniversary of the US government’s nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there are still people coming out in favor of the bombings. They’re saying that since the bombings shortened the war by bringing a quick surrender of Japan in World War II, the targeting of those two cities was morally and legally justified, especially since it saved the lives of US soldiers who would have been killed in an invasion of Japan.

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Ron Paul Plays Hardball
When are the neocons and the hawks going to stop getting us into more trouble, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked Ron Paul during an appearance on Hardball. “Well I wish they’d look at reason and look at what is happening,” replied Paul, but “I think it’s unfortunately going to stop when we go broke and there’s nothing left and then the people will find out that it is a total failure.”

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Assad’s ‘Barrel Bombs’…and Ours
In 2012, just a year after President Obama decided that “Assad must go,” then-State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland condemned the Syrian military’s use of unguided explosives in its fight against the US-sponsored insurgency. These weapons, deemed “barrel bombs,” were, according to Nuland, “vicious things indiscriminately launched … at targets without any concern about civilians.”

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Washington’s Fifth Columns Inside Russia and China
It took two decades for Russia and China to understand that “pro-democracy” and “human rights” organizations operating within their countries were subversive organizations funded by the US Department of State and a collection of private American foundations organized by Washington. The real purpose of these non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is to advance Washington’s hegemony by destabilizing the two countries capable of resisting US hegemony.

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Politics Is Not the Path to Pro-Life Victory
During my time in Congress, I regularly introduced legislation forbidding organizations that perform abortions from receiving federal funding. The US Government should not force taxpayers to subsidize an activity they believe is murder. Thus, while I was horrified by the recently released videos showing Planned Parenthood officials casually discussing selling the organs of aborted babies, I am glad that the reaction to these videos has renewed efforts to end federal funding of abortion.

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