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-SOUTHERN ITALY-4.7R..on 19-th May..The earthquake took place in accordance with forecast in Posts “WORLD” dated 5-th “***ADRIATIC” and in “ADDITION ***ADRIATIC/…/ “dated 10-th May.
-Южна Италия,-4.7Р..на 19-ти Май..Можете да намерите прогнозата в Постове “СВЯТ” с дати 5-ти и 10-ти Май под ***ADRIATIC/…Southern Italy/Южна Италия…
I can’t exclude more tremors in the region indicated in forecast around the end of the one month period of forecasts treating strong seismic activity which will be 5-th June…

CRETE,S.GREECE-4.6R.,5.0R.The earthquake has taken place in accordance with forecast and it’s update in Post “WORLD” dated 10-th May..
Крит,Гърция-4.6Р.,5.0R.Прогнозата и актуализацията с точни дати е в Пост “СВЯТ” от 10-ти Май..

*За ЗАПАДНА ТУРЦИЯ 5.8Р..на 19 Май/ жертвите са четирима/- ВИЖ ПОСТ “Егейска Северна Гърция и Западна Евр.Турция” “Aegean N.Greece,W.European Turkey” от 14 Май,както и писмото, което пуснах преди дни 14 Май 2011 до Геофизическия Институт в Истанбул,където степените са тези от които се опасявах.

*THERE IS a possibility that an earthquake with a higher Magnitude >6.R. may strike in the region of North West Turkey again in the coming 24-48-72 h../Update 20.05.2011 at 00:09 UTC/

ANALYSIS and additions* to forecasts for 21-22 May
The earthquakes listed below have taken place in accordance with forecasts in previous few Posts:
-JAPAN,Near East coast of EASTERN HONSHU-5.6R..21.May..
-JAPAN,Near east coast of EASTERN HONSHU-5.6R..22.May..Forecast is in previous Post “WORLD” dated 15
May..Magnitude,place and dates match..
*Addition:JAPAN-There are to be more such or higher in Magnitude tremors in 24-48h..

-DODECANESE Islands-4.5R..close to W.Turkey coast line-Forecast is in Post “WORLD” dated 10 May
-S.W.TURKEY-4.0R..on 22 May
-Greece-3.8R.,4.0R..21-22 May
-N.Greece,Edirne-3.0R..22 May
*Addition:of forecast of Greece/Southern and Central/,South Aegean Sea and close to S.W. and West coast of Turkey..
More tremors in the region of around 4R.-4.5R..Dates:between 23-25-th May..

-USA,OREGON-4.7R..off coast line.On 22 May-forecast to be found in Post “WORLD” 10-th May and later in additions from 15-th May
-S.W.PACIFIC,KERMADEC isl..-5.8R.. 21.May

-WESTERN TURKEY-tremors between 2R.-3.9R.are continuing.
*Still signals strongly.

*Addition:Today it indicated a lot for SOUTH EAST ASIA,Indonesia and close,South West Pacific.The forecast is in Posts “WORLD” from 15-th May.Despite the 5.7R. close to Philippines that has occurred today 22.May, more such tremors even higher in Magnitude are to take place in the region mentioned above.Dates:between 22-25 May.
*ADDITION:Central AMERICA/Mexico and close/ and South AMERICA/Peru,Chile,Argentina/ are to be expected with M. around 5.5R.-6.5R. in accordance to forecasts in Posts “WORLD” 15 May 22-25 May…/STILL VALID 29-31 MAY…Last updated:29.05.2011/

-North Atlantic,Iceland-4.6R. and 4.1R..I have suggested also N.Atlantic in Posts “WORLD” dated 5-th and 7-th May…with Alaska..
-Northern ALASKA -5.0R..on 21.May
-Gulf of ALASKA-4.8R..on 22 May

*Addition: for Region of ***ADRIATIC Sea.The forecast in Post 5-th and 7-th May is VALID in concern of a state close to Adriatic Sea ?Croatia,Albania,?North Italy?or a state in bordering closeness.Dates-between 23-26 May..Magn..around 4.5R..

*ЗА БЪЛГАРИЯ…ПОСЛЕДЕН ПОСТ АКТУАЛЕН и 22-25 Май…Нищо съществено ново, Слава Богу.Румъния,неопасно,южна граница ,неопасно.
В З.Турция вторичните трусове
между 2.5Р.-3.9Р..продължават по 30-40 на ден и сега докато пиша се обажда остро.
Надяваме се много силното сеизмично напрежение в района да се разтовари постепенно.

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