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A NEW,MAJOR seismic activity for South,South East Asia..Region of Indonesia,?Philippines? and close towards the islands of South West Pacific ? between New Guinea and Fiji?…
The high in Magnitude tremors could take place in the area as a whole or elsewhere close in the South East part of Asia and the oceans/Indian,Pacific/…The trouble is that one of the tremors that will take place between 29-31May 1-6 June
/not later than a month/ may be over 7.5-8.0R..In the same time period there is another place in the region with very high seismic activity and it is most likely to be the region of North West China or a close neighboring state.

ANALYSIS/28.05/ of earthquakes that have occurred as forecast in this Blog:/The earthquakes have taken place before the new forecast:
-INDONESIA,Kepulauan Talaud-5.5R..Forecast is in Post “WORLD” dated 24 May in *Addition South East Asia/…/
-JAPAN,off East Coast of Honshu-5.1R.,5.1R..For new and updated data of earthquakes that have taken place ,please see emsc-csem.org..
-S.W.PACIFIC,Kermadec Islands Region-5.5R..

*The Region of Western Mediterranean Sea,North Africa- tremors around 5-5.5R..not later than 3 June

ANALYSIS/29 May/Earthquakes that have taken place as forecast:
-W.TURKEY-4.4R..Forecast in Post “WORLD-W.Turkey-Greece” dated 28 May
-TURKEY-SYRIA-IRAQ border region-4.5R..on 29-th May.One week delay.
The forecast copied here below can be found in Post “WORLD” dated 15-th May 20:57 Bulg.time…in Addition under 18 May:
*In ADDITION to Forecasts in previous POSTS:
-E.Turkey,border REGION with Iran or other Arab state.Dates-between 18-22 May.M=4.5R.-5.R..Forecast is in Post “WORLD…Reg. of S.Iran” dated 7-th May

The forecast below is in Post “WORLD” dated 19-th May…
*Addition:Central AMERICA/Mexico and close/ and South AMERICA/Peru,Chile,Argentina/ are to be expected with M. around 5.5R.-6.5R. in accordance to forecasts in Posts “WORLD” 15 May 22-25 May…Still VALID 29-31 May/Last updated – 29.05.2011/

ANALYSIS:Earthquakes that have taken place as forecast of ASIA,Region close to Indonesia and S.W.Pacific:
-New Britain Region,P.N.G.-5.4R..on 29.May at 07:22 UTC
-Banda Sea,between Indonesia and P.N.G.-5.4R..on 29.may at 13:44 UTC
Forecast at the top of this POST VALID in dates,Magnitudes and regions.

*Addition of forecast for JAPAN in Post “WORLD” dated 24.May,N.E.of Honshu and Japan reg..is VALID still 29.May-1 June.

-INDONESIA,SOUTHWEST of SUMATRA-5.7R..on 29.05.11 at 18:24 UTC
The FORECAST at the very top of this POST is VALID…

*Addition of forecast for region of North Atlantic,?Iceland? region or close.Also North Pacific,Alaska.Magnitude could be around or higher than 5.5-6R..Dates-30,31 May 8 June..
Region of Oregon-Should be <5-5,5R..Same time period.. **Update 30.05.11 at 18:56 UTC The region of Alaska,North Atlantic,North Pacific towards the American coast line and close to coast of OREGON..Magnitude will be around 5.5R.-6R.or a little larger than 6.0R.-6.2R./correction of forecast Magnitudes/…Dates:between 1 -8 June.Not later than a month as forecasts for all strong seismic activities last.

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