-26.Jan.;1-29.Feb..-О-ви Додеканезе..5.3Р..-О-в Крит..5.3Р .-N.Italy..5.2R..-W.Turkey..4.5R..*/-Прогнозите са в Пост "10-19-27-28-31.January"-

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-M 5.3 – DODECANESE ISLANDS, GREECE – 2012-01-26 04:24 UTC
/Dodecanese are located close to South-Western Coast of Turkey,S.Aegean Sea and E.Mediterranean as in Forecast../

-M 5.4 – CRETE,GREECE – 2012-01-27 01:33 UTC
Here below I quote the FORECAST that is to be found in Post dtd -“10-19-26.Jan./…/”
Date,Magnitude,Regions are exact.

-M.4.0 – GREECE – 2012-01-27 01:40 UTC

***FORECAST IN “quote ” below from Post dtd “10-19-31.January
IS STILL VALID 27-28-29-30-31.JANUARY;1-5-7&14 & 19-22.FBRUARY/27.01.2012//last update 21.02.2012/


****Region:S.and W.Greece,Reg.of CRETE,close to S.W.COAST of Turkey,Southern AEGEAN Sea-E.MEDITERRANEAN Sea
M.-Several tremors of 4.5R.-5.2R..
I can’t exclude a higher Magnitude than 5.5-6.4R. if the major earthquake takes place in the area of S.Aegean and Central or Eastern Mediterranean Sea.
17-19-23-26.JANUARY/last update 17.01.2012 09:39 UTC/
/This Forecast is connected to Forecast S.W.Turkey ,Eastern Mediterranean Sea and S.Aegean Sea above mentioned in this Post../


ANALYSIS of the other MODERATE and STRONG earthquakes /4.9R.-5.9R. and 5.9R.-7R.<7.8R../ are to be found in the second half of the Posts mentioned in the title of this Post. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Това са земетресенията за района на Ю.ЕГЕЙ,Ю.ГЪРЦИЯ,Р-Н НА КРИТ,В БЛИЗОСТ НА БРЯГ НА Ю.З.ТУРЦИЯ И ИЗТ.СРЕДИЗЕМНОМОРИЕ,където се намират и о-вите Додеканезе.ПРОГНОЗАТА е качена на три места в Пост "10.January" ---------- ANALYSIS: -M.5.2 - N.ITALY - 2012.01.27 14:53 UTC FORECAST TO BE found in Post dtd "10-19-27.January. Magnitude,Date,Region-exact..*One more tremor could occurre in the Region of Adriatics with M. 5.0-5.5..28-31.JANUARY, ANALYSIS: -M.4.5 - NEAR COAST OF S.W.TURKEY - 2012.01.27 17:43 UTC FORECAST - is in the m.a. Post -quote-" S.W.TURKEY... S.Aegean Sea"-unquote- **FORECAST IS STILL VALID - 27-28-29-30-31.January;1-4-5-6-7&14&19-23.February /27.01.2012 21:37 UTC/ ---------- ANALYSIS:Forecasts of the listed earthquakes below are to be found in Post dtd "10-19-27-28-31.January" Updated as a date - above in this Post: -M.5.6 - JAPAN, NEAR THE COAST OF EASTERN HONSHU 2012-01-28 00:22 UTC FORECAST - in Post dtd "10-19-27-28-31.January" STLL VALID.29-31.January-1-11 & 19-23.February so Pls. REFER to it. - -M.5.8 - NEW ZEALAND / N.Z. /,KERMADEC ISL. 2012-01-28 17:42:55:0 UTC -M.5.8 - NEW ZEALAND / N.Z./ ,KERMADEC ISL. 2012-01-28 17:42:55:5 UTC FORECAST - in m.a. Post dtd "10-19-27-28-31" and updated in "REMINDER"/below/ .STILL VALID 30.Jan..1-8.-14.February - -M.4.4 - EASTERN TURKEY 2012-01-29 04:14 UTC -M.4.9 - NEAR THE COAST OF N.W.TURKEY - 2012-01-29 08:06 UTC -M.4.1 - W.TURKEY - 2012-01-29 - 21:03 UTC ***FORECASTS of the Regions in this Post/below-"REMINDER* and in Post dtd "10-19-31.January" are STILL VALID in dates,Magnitude and regions. - -M.4.7 - DODECANESE ISL.,GREECE/Southern Aegean Sea,close to Crete/ - 2012-01-29 09:55 UTC STILL VALID/Pls. REFER to Forecast and update as a date above in this Post. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ЗА БЪЛГАРИЯ МОЛЯ СЛЕДЕТЕ ПОСТ С ДАТА-19-27-31.January-както и линкове долу,ляво/Сеизмична линия към ГФИ,БАН и EMSC- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REMINDERS ; NEW FORECASTS: ---------------------------------------------------------------- *****REMINDER OF FORECAST/S.W.PACIFIC,INDONESIA,PAPUA NEW GUINEA,FIJI and close SOUTH towards N.Z./ IN POST dtd "10-19-27-28-31.January ***PLS.REFER TO IT!!! STILL VALID 27-28-29-30-31.JANUARY;1-15 & 19-22.February.. Addition of S.W.PACIFIC - NEW ZEALAND REGION or CLOSE - M.6.0 FORECAST of the Region IS VALID AGAIN 24-25-26.FEB/last update of date 24.02.2012 23:05/ & 2-4.March/Forecast is being updated as a date in Post dtd "28.Feb-WORLD" ----------- *****REMINDER!!!:Of Forecast.: of N.E.TURKEY/IRAN and close-Region of E.BLACK and CASPIAN SEA.Pls. REFER to POST dtd "10-19-28-31.January".. M.-Tremors of around 5.0-5.6R..One could reach M.6.0... TIME PERIOD:28-29-31.January and not later than 1-**4-5-6-8&14.FEBRUARY..& / 17-18-19-22.FEB....//last update of date 17.02.2012//21.02.2012/ ----------- NEW FORECAST:28-31.January;1-10 & 20-29.February & 1-4.March/on 1.March the areas I have learned by the empirical method to corespond to the Region of ADRIATIC Sea,also Albania or close,N.Italy or close INDICATED seismically at the same time Moderatlly/strong/.This last month N.Italy and S.W.Tourin,France had 4.8R. on 26-02-2012/ Adriatic Sea Region,Albania or border states region,S.Italy,N.Italy or close M.-4.5-4.8-5.1R. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *****IMPORTANT!!!NEW FORECAST/28.01.2012 20:28 UTC REGION:-SOUTHERN AMERICA,S.E.PACIFIC,S.CHILE,ARGENTINA, Addition:-PERU or close - it indicated seismically on 30.01.2012 at around 17:00 UTC/ TIME PERIOD:-1-5-6-& 8-9-10 & 11.FEBRUARY.This very strong seismic tension should be through by 5.MARCH 2012/last update of date 08.02.2012 09:37 UTC/ -M.-Tremors of around 5.6-6.0R.. One could be with a VERY STRONG - MAGNITUDE->7.4-7.8 ,HOPEFULLY in the PACIFIC

-M.6.3 – NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL PERU – 2012.01.30 05:11 UTC
FORECAST is to be found in Post dtd “10-19…31.January” – below in “quote” – being updated as a date on 27-th and 28.January – 10:16 EET equal to 08:16 UTC
***FORECAST here above from -/ 28.01.2012 20:28 UTC /-of S.AMERICA –
FORECAST STILL VALID 8-9-11 & 19-20-23.FEB.2012 /last update of date 08.02.2012 09:37 UTC/

VALID 11-12-14.FEB../last update of date 10.02.2012 07:01 UTC/


*Southern America-Reg.of PERU,N.CHILE or close
M.6.5<6.7R. 11-19+27-29-31.January – unquote – ————————————- REMINDER:of Forecast in Post dtd. ” 10-19-31.Jan./…/ ” Reg.:N.E.PACIFIC,between – Near Coast of N.California/ Oregon/Canada,ALASKA..I can’t exclude 100% N.ATLANTIC Time period-23-31.Jan.-1-4&12-14.FEBR..MOST probable DATES :-3-4-5-6.FEBF…and NOT later than 11.FEBRUARY.. ***IMPORTANT New Adition:The FORECAST HERE ABOVE IS VALID AGAIN IN THE time period of … 19-20-22.FEBRUARY… — FORECASTS of CENTRAL/Mexico and ,Gulf of California,S.California/ and SOUTHERN AMERICA – SAME DATES & 17-19.FEB.. M.Tremors of around 5.0-5.5R..One could reach up to M.6.0-6.7R.. ***/ 08.02.2012 10:04/ C.AMERICA – MEXICO OR CLOSE – M.6.7-7.2R..8-9-10.FEB.. & 17-18-20.FEB M.5.8-6.0 & 26-27-28.Feb M.5.7 ———————————— REG. OF IRAN/AFGHANISTAN/PAKISTAN/KYRGYSTAN /TURKMENISTAN or close M.-5.0-5.6R.. 31.January-8-9 & 19-20-28.February ———————————— ANALYSIS:INITIAL FORECAST in Post dtd “10-19-27-28-31.January” M.5.7 – INDONESIA,SOUTHERN SUMATRA – 2012.02.01 07:14 UTC LAST FORECAST is in ” REMINDER/NEW FORECASTS ” – above in this Post from 27.January and is STILL VALID ———————————————————————————————————– *** REMINDER:PLS. MONITORE FORECASTS IN POST dtd. ” 10-19-27-28-31.January” for many of them are… STILL VALID in Mgnitude,Region and DATE..I will be adding NEW DATA there for ” Reminding Forecasts ” takes too much time.Professianally I am NOT a SEISMOLOGiST or CLAIRVOYANT… ————– this Post was … updated on 21.02.2012 22:06 UTC ……………….last updated – 24.02.2012 20:56 UTC ……………….last updated of date /added 1 & 4 March/ of Forecast of Adriatic Sea…N.Italy and close/02-03-2012/ –

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